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Injured? Clear Counsel Law Group can help you protect your rights.

Our personal injury practice areas include: Motorcycle Accidents Car Accidents Truck Accidents Slip and Falls Pedestrian Accidents Defective Products and more. Call Clear Counsel Law Group today.

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From simple wills to the most complex of trusts, we've seen it all.


Dealing with probate court is the last thing you need during a period of loss. Let us help.

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We can help fix issues from contracts to disputes, liabilities, partnerships, structure, shareholders, and more.

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When a civil issue needs to go to court, our team has the expertise to represent your interests and get you results.

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Clear Counsel Law Group is proud to provide free simple wills to anybody over age 65 as a part of our "Free Will Fridays."

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Probate Lawyer Las Vegas

Here at Clear Counsel Law Group, our legal team understands the financial and emotional challenges families face when confronting mortality. Therefore, we dedicate our practice to addressing our Las Vegas area clients with both compassion and professionalism when dealing with probate related matters. If you are from the Las Vegas area and have not planned your estate or will, call our team to guide you through the process and protect your family’s future.

At Clear Counsel Law Group, our team can guide you through your best options in developing a financial plan for your future. If you want true professionals on whom you can count, no matter your individual circumstances, work with a knowledgeable probate lawyer from our team here at Clear Counsel Law Group. We help anyone in the Las Vegas area looking for both expertise and compassion in guidance through estate planning and other probate related matters.

If you are beginning the probate process and don’t know where to start, find our team at Clear Counsel Law Group to guide you through the whole process. We at Clear Counsel Law Group have been serving the Las Vegas area for over Many Years, so we understand what it takes to effectively assist you with your probate matters.

Call us at Clear Counsel Law Group because accidents happen, and you need a plan. Poorly managed probate matters can hurt your loved ones’ futures. If you live in the Las Vegas area, do not let scammers or creditors take advantage of your lack of preparation. Call us at (702) 522 0696 to build a better plan today.

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