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Hi, my name's Jared Richards and I'm one of the partners at Clear Council Law group and one of our reader's has asked, "My medical bills and property damage and wage loss don't amount to much, should I still hire an lawyer?" The answer is you should still consult with an attorney because sometimes you are not analyzing the claim properly and sometime an attorney will have different insights for you as to the true value of your claim. However, if it really truly a small value claim, often many attorney will decide that it's really not cost effective to get the attorney involved and the attorney will talk to you about that.

Because most attorneys will take personal injury cases on a contingency fee, meaning they'll take a percentage off in a third before you file a lawsuit of any money that they collect and most attorneys in personal injuries will give you free consultations. It never hurts to at least talk to an attorney and maybe get them involved initially.


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If it really truly a small value claim, other than writing to the demand letter the lawyer may have second thoughts about actually filing a law suit and going forward with it. That's something you need to talk to the attorney about and that's something the two of you could work out together.

Otherwise, there's always small claims. If it truly is a small value claim, a few hundred dollars in medical bills, a few hundred dollars in property damage, at that point you can file a small claims complain and small claims court is specifically designed for people to represent themselves. That is always a vital option and sometimes a very good option. Anyway, if you're in that situation please give us a call, we're happy to talk with you and have to give you any guidance we can. Thanks for listening and go take a look at our other videos. Thanks.



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