LAS VEGAS, NV - Barlow Flake, LLP has merged with Richards & Associates to form Clear Counsel Law Group, a Las Vegas-based law firm practicing in the areas of estate law, bankruptcy, and personal injury. BYU Law Alum, Jared Richards is a Founding Partner with the firm and will oversee all aspects of client care, acquisition, and retention. Mr. Richards represents individual clients in the areas of personal injury and bankruptcy, and will be assuming the role of chief marketing officer for the Clear Counsel Law Group as he shifts away from day-t0-day litigation.

"Jared has become a driving force in our client care as well as new-client acquisition," said Jordan Flake, Partner with Clear Counsel Law Group. "It just made sense to formalize his daily activities into this role as well as recognize his tireless efforts in his responsibilities. He has developed new software solutions and marketing methods for the firm which have allowed us to grow at a rapid pace. Jared is the hardest working attorney at the firm and we know he's going to be the reason behind our future success."

Prior to joining the Clear Counsel Law Group, Jared was the owner of his own firm in Henderson, Nevada, where he practiced personal injury and bankruptcy law. Mr. Richards also worked for many years with Snell and Wilmur, L.L.P. in litigation. Prior to that, Jared earned his Juris Doctor from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University with top honors in 2008. Jared has successfully collected over $20 million dollars through litigation for his clients and protected over $15 million dollars of his clients’ money through loan workouts and bankruptcy. Jared has represented numerous individuals and small businesses, as well as national and international companies such as Wells Fargo, Ford, MERS, and GE on matters ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars.

Jared's bio is available here.

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