The question is, Can a creditor block my discharge? The answer may be "Yes." In bankruptcy creditors are provided an opportunity to do what's called an objection to your discharge. That's basically a way in which they file an objection with the court, saying that their particular debt should not be subject to the discharge, or in some certain cases that you shouldn't be allowed to receive a discharge at all. Those cases are pretty rare; but if you haven't committed fraud, or you haven't otherwise committed some sort of wrongful injury to the creditor, the chances are very rare that a creditor will actually object to your discharge.

There is a deadline to object to this discharge. In the Chapter 7 case it's 90 days, roughly, after you've filed your bankruptcy case. If they haven't filed that objection to discharge within that time frame, they're time-barred, meaning they've missed the time frame in which they can file their objection. If they've missed that time frame in which to file their objection, then they can no longer file that objection and your discharge will be entered.

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