Some people believe that you cannot make a claim against someone who injured you on private property. This is not the case. Everyone has a duty of care wherever they are located. Therefore, if someone acts negligently and injures you on private property, he or she is still liable. Depending on the severity of the injury, the police may or may not have jurisdiction. However, they can still write a report about what occurred. A common private property accident is a fender bender in a store parking lot. If you have been injured in an accident on private property, please contact our office at 702-522-0696 so we can help you protect your interests.

Can you call the police for an accident on private property?

Yes! You can call the police for accidents and incidents on private property. This is always a smart thing to do because you get another set of eyes on the scene which can help establish who is at fault. A police report is extremely valuable when its time to make your case.

Common types of private property accidents

Car accidents on private property

A car accident on private property is extremely common. If your accident took place in a parking lot or off the street anywhere, it's likely a private property accident. You still have rights when a car accident takes place on private property! The main difference is that the police may choose not to respond to this sort of accident without a request. 

Slip and Fall accidents on private property

Slip and Fall accidents probably happen MORE often on private property than anywhere else. When an apartment owner fails to take care of ice on stairs, or a grocery store fails to clean up a dangerous spill, or a casino lets a drink sit on the floor these can cause damaging injuries with terrible consequences. To deal with these types of cases, your personal injury attorney needs to know how to face down the insurance companies, gather evidence, and prove your case in court. 

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