How Probate Works in Nevada if You Live Out of State


Probate in Nevada for an out of state resident


Hi, I’m Jordan Flake. I’m an attorney in Clear Counsel Law Group. We often times get phone calls from individuals who live out of state of Nevada, who their parents have passed away, or one of their parents passed away here in Nevada. But they’re out of the state. One of the questions they invariably ask is “Do I need to come out there? Do I need to come out and go through my parent’s stuff? Do I need to come out there to meet with you in order to hire you to handle the probate matter? Do I need to come out to the court hearings in order to get the authority to deal with the estate?”

Most of the time the answer is no. We have a lot of out of state clients who we actually never meet face to face because as a full service probate law firm, we’re able to cover all of the issues that can arise in having to administer an estate. Mom or dad passes away in Nevada, and you’re living in South Carolina. That’s really not a problem. We can talk to you on the phone. Give you all of the information. Hire individuals out here to perhaps clean up the property and send you the documents for review and signature, and really make you feel very involved in the whole process.

That being said, we oftentimes do have people who want to come out, because it’s Las Vegas and it’s a good opportunity to come out and visit. We’re more than happy to have you come out and see us. Meet us face to face if that’s going to help you get a level of comfort and familiarity. Please also know at the same time that if your parents pass away here, you can hire our law firm, and we can handle the entire process without you having to make the trip.

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