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Clear Counsel Law Group is a Las Vegas criminal defense law firm defending clients' rights and liberties through aggressive legal representation. From parking tickets to incredibly serious accusations, our team is ready to be your defender against the power of the state and the agenda of the prosecutors trying to score a "win."

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Meet Your Criminal Defense Attorneys in Las Vegas

Let's talk about how Clear Counsel Law Group can help. If you have been charged with a crime in Las Vegas or anywhere in Clark County, it is essential that you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The team at Clear Counsel Law Group has been serving residents of Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Anthem, and all of Nevada for years. We are pleased to offer our services to the community we love. We will work tirelessly to put you in the best possible position while you face these accusations.

You Have Rights

The constitution of the United States, and the State of Nevada grant you special rights as a defendant. These rights are guaranteed, no matter what! That means that if any of your rights were violated during your arrest, we may be able to convince the court to dismiss associated evidence, or even dismiss your case. Because we have a deep knowledge of your state and national constitutional rights, we can guide you in your Las Vegas criminal defense case.

Depending on the offense, your history, and where the criminal charges are filed, there may be unique options available to you in terms of pleas and sentencing. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you decide which avenue to pursue.

At Clear Counsel Law Group, our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers will ensure that you fully understand your rights, your options, and how your future may be affected by the choices you make in court. Facing criminal charges can be terrifying and confusing. Getting experience on your side is like getting a cheat sheet. We know the answers to the challenges the prosecutor is making. We know what your real options are - including the options the other side doesn't want you to know.

It is our job to help you not only understand the charges they are making, but what the penalties are and the long-term affects of plea deals, convictions, and fighting every step of the way. With a criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can be truly informed when you make these major decisions.

Nothing is more daunting that legal paperwork. Motions, threats, demands, subpoenas, and more. All these documents seem designed to increase your stress and confusion. Some prosecutors will even use court documents maliciously--trying to make it impossible for you to respond within the rules of the law. We will carry this burden and make sure that the legal documents are answered on time, have no mistakes, and comply with the rules of law. Even slight mistakes or delays can destroy your case. Don't trust an amateur and don't try to do this yourself. Our defense lawyers can manage all that legal work for you.
Nobody is obligated to tell you what all your rights are. The judge doesn't have to tell you all your rights. The prosecution doesn't have to tell you all your rights. The police don't have to tell you all your rights. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney is the only way to know that your rights are protected. The police and prosecutors are trained for decades to lay traps for you just so they can get a win. We protect you from these traps and force the state to meet the highest standards required by our constitution.
The best criminal defense lawyers have a skilled team behind them, helping them get the work done quickly and effectively. You can't possibly out-work an entire team of attorneys, paralegals, associates, and support staff. Why not get your own powerhouse legal team? The sooner you get a strong legal team on your side, the sooner your life gets back on track. The faster things move the less likely you'll have to lose work or even lose your job. We're on your side and we want to get your life back to normal, FAST.
What's better: hiring an attorney and being able to keep your job, or saving money on an attorney but losing your job forever? Obviously losing a job is the worst thing that can happen financially. A good defense attorney can help you protect your career from hostile sentencing agreements or plea deals. They will know how your criminal case outcome can affect you for the rest of your life, including your income. Even though attorneys fees can seem really high, the price is worth it to protect your income, your job, and your way of life. Plus there's a good chance the criminal defense lawyer will work with you on making payments over time.
Dealing with criminal charges is one of the most stressful times of a persons life. It's normal to feel guilt, shame, frustration, and anger. Believe it or not, your defense lawyer can be somebody you can vent to. They can provide advice on how to move forward. This is one of the main reasons it's so important to choose an attorney who you feel comfortable with.
One thing most people don't realize is that the defense attorneys and the prosecutors work in the same courtrooms against each other over and over and over again. This means we know each other. We see how Las Vegas prosecutors work and the tactics they use. Our good working relationship with the prosecutors throughout Nevada means we are more effective getting good deals, negotiating affordable bonds, and getting concessions. Think of it this way: are you more likely to give a good deal to somebody you know, or to a complete stranger you think is a bad person? Having a criminal defense lawyer represent you to the prosecutors is far more effective than trying to get in their good graces yourself.
Our criminal defense team has experience not just defending the innocent, but even includes a former criminal court judge. There's a good chance that somebody on our team has not only seen a case like yours before, but knows how cases like yours are WON. Experience counts for everything in the world of criminal defense, and Clear Counsel Law Group has stacked the deck.
There are some fights you can win, and some you can't. The reality is that there are even some fights that just aren't worth fighting. A good example might be a traffic violation. Almost every traffic ticket comes in with a story from our client about how the police were wrong. We have a few options. We could fight it in court, or we could talk to the prosecutor and see if they'll change it to a parking ticket. Which would you rather do: retain a lawyer for hours of work at a cost much higher than the ticket even if you win, or just get it reduced to a parking ticket and pay a fine? From traffic ticket cases to much more serious criminal offences, we can help you know what to expect, and which options make the most sense for you financially, emotionally, and for your future plans.

Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

First, and most important, this is a huge government entity coming after you. It's normal to feel some stress and even despair. People like you, facing criminal charges, usually feel a lot better just from talking to our defense attorneys. Our team can help you know for sure what your situation really is, what your options are, and we can often help you get charges reduced or dropped entirely.

But just to clarify, here are some major reasons you ought to get a good defense lawyer instead of going it alone:

How Can We Help?

Our Criminal Defense Services


Nevada considers it a crime to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but did you know the blood-alcohol limit is different for different groups of people?

A first DUI is a misdemeanor, but it can escalate to a Category B felony depending on the situation. Worst-case scenarios in sentencing can mean decades in prison. We take every DUI case very seriously and your Nevada DUI lawyer will help you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Drug Possession

With the decriminalization of marijuana you would think that drug charges are hardly a thing any more. The government has created a maze of laws, rules, and regulations about drugs. The prosecutor won't tell you your rights, so it's vital you get a good defense lawyer team on your side to protect your rights.

Domestic Battery / Domestic Violence

There are some tough minimum penalties for getting convicted of domestic violence. But just because you are arrested or charged with domestic violence it doesn't mean you are doomed. There are a wide variety of defenses which Nevada law considers a valid defense against domestic violence charges. These defenses range from the simple false allegation, to self defense, to failing to prove the case. With our criminal defense lawyers on your side, the prosecutors will be in for a major battle.

Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanors

Just because you're being charged with something other than a felony it doesn't mean it's not serious. Misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors are still criminal offenses and can carry heavy penalties and even jail time. Our relationships with prosecutors allow us to work on your behalf to get a better resolution for these kinds of cases. This is why a defense lawyer is so essential. Having us on your team can make the difference between being locked up so long you lose your job and walking away with just a small fine or no conviction at all.


The most serious type of criminal offenses are called "felonies" and they carry harsh minimum penalties if you are found guilty. With felonies, prison time is always a possibility. Plus a felony conviction can destroy your job options for the rest of your life. If you've been accused of a felony crime, you should absolutely call the criminal defense lawyers at Clear Counsel Law Group.

Sealing Records / Sealing Cases

The process for sealing records is unique to every type of court. A criminal defense lawyer can help you with every step of this process including getting the records, submitting the petition, and involving every relevant government agency. Let us help you find greater freedom and put the past behind you.

Traffic Tickets

We are pleased to offer our help with traffic violations in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, and all of Clark County. From illegal parking to reckless driving or just speeding, our team has seen it all. We will work with the judge and prosecutors office to get you more favorable results and even take the case to court if we need to. Let us make life simple by handling this hassle for you.


An outstanding warrant can reduce your freedoms and put you in a state of constant anxiety. We can help. In some cases we can even resolve warrants with a simple phone call! Don't live under the shadow of a warrant, call us today.

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What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

We create hope and opportunities for those who have been accused of a crime in Las Vegas.

A key to winning criminal cases is not usually in knowing how all the cases are the same, but in finding the parts of each case that make them unique. A police officer may issue hundereds of tickets that are all the same, but in your case did he really check to see if there was a "no parking" sign, or did he just assume? Finding these kinds of key differences is the core of defending our clients in court.

Basically, criminal defense lawyers use their knowledge and experience to find those pieces of evidence that the prosecutors are hoping you never notice, and using them to prove your innocence or mitigate or even negate any potential crime.

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What does a defense lawyer do on a day-to-day basis?

Here are just some of the things our criminal defense lawyers are doing daily:

  • Contact our client through email, phone calls, video calls, or in-person meetings
  • Read and analyze case documents, laws, and evidence
  • Note and prepare evidence that could be helpful in the case
  • Create a winning strategy to achieve our clients goals
  • Repeat!

It's not unusual for a lawyer to spend months preparing for a case. This gives us a huge advantage over prosecutors who may be overwhelmed with cases and not able to prepare as thoroughly. This preparation takes much longer than the actual court case, but that's how you win.

What does my lawyer do that I can't do on my own?

There's lots of reasons you should want a lawyer representing you instead of trying to do it yourself. Here are just a few:

Local, Las Vegas lawyers present the right "image"

A judge or jury will be deciding your fate. Will they trust somebody who has been accused of a crime more, or will they trust a nice, well trained, professional more? Judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys work together for years on hundreds or thousands of cases. It's better to get an professional on your side.

Las Vegas prosecutors don't like to negotiate with DIYers

Your lawyer can be the go-between for you and the prosecutor, to help negotiate a better "plea bargain." This can help reduce penalties and sentences, or even eliminate some of the charges against you. Your lawyer will have LOTS of experience making these kinds of negotiations. But prosecutors are often unwilling to negotiate with defendants who represent themselves.

Objective decision making, not emotional reactions

Your defense attorney can remain objective throughout the proceeding. They can offer realistic insights into your case and your trial, letting you know what has happened in other cases like this and giving you that insider information so you can make smart decisions instead of emotional ones.

Las Vegas criminal defense experts know the deepest parts of the law and how they will use it against you

Most rules about criminal prosecution are buried deep inside laws, regulations, standards, and previous court decisions. If you've never navigated legal precedent before, you're in for a shock. A good Las Vegas lawyer will know not only what laws and rulings apply to your case, they will know what rules the prosecutor will try to use and how to fight them directly.

Our team knows more than the police do about what they are allowed to do

Your lawyer will know if the police violated your rights or not. There are many things the police aren't allowed to do and they don't even know it. We've handled cases like that before and we know how to win.

We get it done faster than you can do it yourself

Your lawyer will help you save time (and possibly even reduce jail time) by knowing the right person in the system to talk to. Where it might take you hours or days to find the right person, we usually only need one call.

Experience with long-term effects of plea agreements

Your attorney will know the long-term consequences of a sentence, accepting a plea agreement, etc. For example, if you plead guilty to criminal charges, will it affect your ability to find work in the future?

Witnesses probably won't want to talk to you

Many witnesses, including the victim, will understandably refuse to give statements or offer their help to the person accused of a crime. They may even feel afraid for their safety. But these people will speak to a lawyer and give their stories and offer evidence that may help you.

We know how to get the best investigators and experts

Part of your case might involve finding and hiring investigators and expert witnesses. Criminal defense attorneys have a deep "bank" of experts to draw from and know who is good at their job and who isn't. The investigators can be used to find out not only what happened with the alleged crime, but can also investigate the witnesses and their claims. Do you have time to do all that yourself?

Criminal defense experience beats knowledge and research every time

Practicing the law is vastly different from just reading the laws. Think of it like swimming: you can read a hundred books on swimming, but you don't know how to swim until you've gotten in the pool. Don't assume your knowledge can measure up to real legal experience in Las Vegas criminal courtrooms.

What Questions Should You Ask a Defense Attorney?

Most criminal defense attorneys won't accept every type of case. Find out if your lawyer can take on your specific case and if not, who they would suggest you speak to. 

As the accusation against you becomes more serious, it's important you get a more experienced attorney. Almost any criminal defense attorney can handle your first DUI. But if you're facing felony charges you had better be sure your lawyer has the right kind of experience. Don't be afraid to ask your defense lawyer if they've handled this kind of case before.

Our Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Here For You

No matter the challenge you're facing, we want to help. Call us today to discuss your situation and we'll have a frank and honest discussion about your rights and if we can assist you. We have a powerful team of criminal defense lawyers. Call now. (702) 522-0696

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are arrested in Las Vegas NV and not released right away, most likely you will be taken to the Clark County Detention center. It is there that processing happens and where people wait for trial or serve a brief sentence in case of a misdemeanor conviction. You can check if someone is in the Clark County Detention Center on their website here:

After an arrest it can take a while before trial. Before the trial you might be released "on your own recognizance" (called "O.R."), released on bail, or held in custody in the jail until your trial. Some situations will have pre-set bail amounts every time. Other cases will be up to the judge to decide what bail should be. In the most serious cases, criminal law judges may choose to disallow bail.
When somebody violates the rules of the court, a judge might issue a "bench warrant." The most common situation where a bench warrant is issued is when somebody misses their court date or forgets to pay a fine. Bench warrants can even be issued for simple traffic tickets and once you have a warrant, a police officer can arrest you at any time.
The law says that you can always choose to represent yourself in a Las Vegas court. That doesn't mean it's a good idea. Most people who represent themselves lose their case. The judge might even make you pay for the other side's legal fees and expenses. Knowing court procedures is essential and it is realistically impossible for a person to represent themselves in court without this knowledge and experience.
Anybody who has seen Law and Order knows that the police always say "if you can't afford an attorney one will be provided to you." This is called a Public Defender. But just because they say it on TV it doesn't make it so. We can advise you if a public defender is your best option based on your situation and resources. But if you can afford a professional lawyer in Las Vegas you should strongly consider it. A private criminal defense law firm like Clear Counsel Law Group has far more time and resources to devote to your case than any public defender will ever have.
It can be tricky to find somebody who has been arrested and will usually mean calling a few different places. Remember, if your friend or loved one hasn't been "booked" into the system yet, the person answering the phone will not know that they are there. The phone number to call for the Las Vegas city jail is 702-229-6444. The county jail number is 702-671-3900. There's also the North Las Vegas detention center at 702-633-1400, and the Henderson Detention Center at 702-267-4652