Hearing a friend got “food poisoning” is always sad, but an infection with salmonella is no laughing matter. Salmonella infections can cause severe health issues and even cause death. You should never feel reluctant to file a lawsuit for salmonella infection. Salmonella infections contracted at a restaurant or from a commercial food product are almost always due to the negligence of those preparing, harvesting, or transporting the food. In other words, you could have been saved from salmonella if they had only taken reasonable precautions to keep you safe.

How do I file a lawsuit for salmonella infection?

This is the kind of thing you really should use an attorney for.  Yes, it's possible to go it alone, however our experience tells us that the insurance companies don't take people seriously until they've got a lawyer. So what's the first step?

  1. Talk with an attorney. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can tell you if you have a viable case, and what to expect if you go forward. There's a lot of factors that must be considered before setting out on the challenging path of fighting the insurance companies. Our knowledge becomes your power, as we can tell you what to expect, what we've seen, and more. Talking with one of our attorneys or case managers is free, and we don't charge you anything unless we win.
  2. Continue treatment. Don't stop your medical treatment for your salmonella infection till you're 100% better. Do you need help finding a specialist? We can help. These medical records will be pivotal in getting you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.
  3. Never give up. We will be with you every step of the way.

In this article, we will examine some of the issues that can arise from a salmonella infection, and the reasons you may want to consider filing a lawsuit for salmonella infection.

What is salmonella food poisoning?

Salmonella is a bacteria that causes one of the most common intestinal infections in the USA. Of those infections, MOST of them come from commercial food – restaurants, commercially harvested vegetables, supermarkets, etc. The majority of salmonella food poisonings are not induced by home meal preparation.

The worst part about salmonella infections is that they can be much MUCH worse than a typical “Food poisoning.”

What happens when salmonella infections get worse?

Salmonella infections can lead to terrible complications, from blood infections to irritable-bowel syndrome, to kidney failure and even death. Infants and immune-compromised people are especially at risk of salmonella causing a worse infection or invasive disease. You should always seek medical treatment, and, when it’s clear the infection was caused by a restaurant, grocery store, or other commercial enterprise, you should file a lawsuit for salmonella infection.

Worst case scenarios of salmonella complications include:

salmonella infectionBlood infection – Bacteria manage to infect the bloodstream. This is considered a life-threatening problem. The blood carries the infection throughout your body.

Reactive arthritis – reactive arthritis can be caused when salmonella causes a secondary infection which causes the joints to become inflamed, even though the infection is located in a totally different part of your body. Remember, an inexperienced doctor might dismiss joint pains as unrelated to your salmonella infection. A good salmonella infection lawyer can help you get access to the specialists who can recognize and diagnose reactive arthritis properly. This inflammation can occur weeks after the infection and last for months or even years.

Typhoid fever – the life threatening disease typhoid fever is a form of salmonella poisoning. These infections can cause kidney failure which can severely shorten a lifespan.

Kidney failure – Salmonella can lead to kidney failure in many ways, from accumulation of toxins in the kidneys to damage by proteins that the infection has damaged. Nobody facing “food poisoning” thinks it could end up leading to a life of dialysis, but it has happened.

Organ failure – invasive salmonella can spread throughout the body and attack your internal organs. In some cases this leads to death.
Nobody who goes out to eat deserves a lifetime of kidney treatments. Nobody picking up a salad at the grocery store should have to endure years of severe joint pain. If you’ve had complications due to a salmonella infection, you should file a lawsuit.

Why use an attorney on your salmonella lawsuit?

Consider this: Before you were infected, did you know that salmonella could lead to years of severe joint pain? Did you know a side effect of salmonella infection was kidney failure? If you’re like most of us, you probably didn’t even know these things. The insurance companies covering the restaurants and the grocery stores are counting on you not knowing anything.

You need an attorney with experience in salmonella lawsuits. We know how to find the specialists who can get you the right diagnoses, and who can testify in court that your pain and suffering is very real and deserves fair compensation.

If you’ve been infected by salmonella, give us a call. We can have a frank discussion about your rights and if you should file a lawsuit for salmonella infection.

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