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Medication Side Effects Attorneys

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Medication Side Effects

Many people are injured every year by unsafe medications.  Surprisingly, despite the safety-testing that companies are required to perform on new medication, many drugs reach the market that have adverse side effects.  This is because the testing process is cut short, rushed or the product is tainted during manufacturing.  If you have been injured by a medication, please contact our office at 702-522-0696 so we can assist you in evaluating your case.  The companies that produce medications may be liable under the following legal theories:

Failure to Warn—A drug company is required to report all known risks associated with its drugs.  If a manufacturer does not provide warnings about a side effect, the company is liable for injuries relating to such side effect.

Inadequate Warning—A drug warning may be inadequate if it omits information about risk or is presented in such a way that it does not convey the importance of the information.

Negligence—A manufacturer is negligent if it doesn’t meet reasonable standards of testing, safe production, delivery or handling of a drug.

False Marketing—False marketing occurs when a company markets its products to doctors and the public for uses for which the product was not originally approved.

Contaminated Drugs—If a drug is contaminated during the manufacturing process, the drug company can be liable for adverse side effects.

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