The question is, what can happen if I don't tell my attorney about everything? Well, bad things can happen, is the short answer. If your attorney doesn't have all of the information, your attorney can't adequately advise you on what's going to happen about whatever asset that you failed to tell him about.

For example, there was a guy that filed bankruptcy and he didn't tell his attorney about his mother's house that just happened to be titled in both his mother's name and his name. He thought it was a harmless mistake because he didn't live in the house and, as far as he was concerned, it was his mother's house.

However, because he was on title, he had a legal claim to the house. His trustee ended up finding out about this house that was titled in both his mother's name and his name and he ended up losing his interest in the house, meaning the house was sold, forcibly sold, and his interests in the house was liquidated and the proceeds from that sale were distributed to his creditors.

That's the type of disastrous that can happen if you don't tell your attorney about everything. So, please, if you're thinking about filing bankruptcy it's really important to think about everything that you might need to disclose to your attorney so that he or she can adequately advise you on how best to proceed.

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