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clear counsel reviews

My family is incredibly grateful to this firm. The car accident lawyer that we worked with in Las Vegas was about as high quality as I could have hoped for. It was obvious that we were going to win from our first confrontation with the man who ran into me. They really spooked him and his lawyer.

Justin Schmidt

I have had friends opt to go for the guys on the billboards, and it wasn't a very good experience or outcome. I felt Clear Counsel and Full Throttle cared less about moving cases through the books and more on making sure things were done right.

Rad M.

Jonathan is an excellent attorney and a great person. I can, without reservation, recommend him to my current and former clients for their probate matters.

Cory Jones

Clear Counsel was very professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Mr Matt McArthur explained in detail the contents of every document presented to us. Mr Flake sincerely and honestly looked at our case even without an appointment. Everyone on the team worked sincerely and quickly to help us get moving along. Everyone answered our questions respectfully and honestly, and shared their legal experiences to enlighten our path. Everyone including the receptionist show much dedication to their work. I highly endorse employing this firm.

Mark Lacey

My injury might have bankrupted me if I wasn't able to collect my lost wages in a civil suit. Clear Counsel represented me for this case, and were the primary reason that I won it. After seeing what they were like in the courtroom, the other side was begging us to accept a generous settlement.

Tina Bruni

My family and I ran into a rather rough patch in life, as we all do at times. Mr. McArthur at Clear Council Law Group was able to not only give us hope, but through his hard work gave us a new financial start. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a true professional.

Nate Moore

I have referred many clients to Clear Counsel over the years for estate planning in particular. I have always gotten extremely positive feedback from my clients, and I know Mr. Barlow and Mr. Flake to be extremely honest and hardworking attorneys.

Dustin Eric Birch

My husband and I had a great experience with Clear Counsel Law Group partner Jonathan Barlow and his thoughtful and efficient preparation of our wills! He helped us to think of the many scenarios that needed to be addressed that we never would have thought of. I originally prepared my own will with a software from a well known financial planner. However, I wanted to make sure that my children and spouse had a document that would hold up without any problem in probate court. I'm glad I did because I had some missed some very important items.

Nancy S.

Matthew as an attorney, actually gives you his time beyond the consultation. He is genuinely helpful throughout the process and does not make you feel like you are wasting time or in a timed meeting.
This law firm literally has helped us every step of the way! I cannot thank you guys enough for all your help and guidance!

Jessica Perlota

I cannot say enough good about this practice. Picking a good lawyer is like a lottery!!! Well if you pick this group, you won. From the moment I called with a question I was treated with the greatest respect. Made an appointment at my convenience, and met with Jordan Flake. He listened patiently, without giving me any feeling of being rushed. He told me his thoughts and allowed me to decide what I felt was best. It was done within a hour. And I left hoping to never him again but feeling very confident if I do. Finally finally a lawyer to trust.
Thank You so very much to Jordan and the staff.

Marianne Cockrum

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