How Will an Attorney Assist You With Probate?


Hi, I'm Jordan with Clear Counsel Law Group. I'm an attorney who practices a lot in probate. One of the questions that we get, when a person passes away, their family comes to us and says, "Why should I have to hire an attorney in this situation?" The answer is because it's actually pretty difficult to interface with the court. Here in Nevada we have a little bit more of a complicated probate statutory structure. The process is a little bit more difficult. I assume, in a lot of ways, that's because we're a retirement destination. I think there's a lot of exploitation in our state. When a person goes to the court saying, "My loved one has passed away and I want to get their property," there's really a lot of hoops that that individual has to jump through.

There's getting all the right notices put out there, noticing everybody who's entitled to notice that you are seeking to become the personal representative of the estate. There's notifying creditors. There's doing orders and notices of entry of order, and just a lot of different documents. There's letters of administration or letters testamentary that need to be filed. I'm all for do-it-yourself legal solutions; however, in the probate context I'm very, very confident that it's going to be much more economically advantageous to hire an attorney. Not just because it simplifies things and the attorney has the expertise to do that, but also because if the personal representative were to try to go it on their own and make a huge error, that can come back to them in the form of liability. I would strongly, strongly recommend that if you have to administer the estate of a deceased love one, that you contact Clear Counsel Law Group so that we can give you an idea about what to expect and how we might be able to help you.

At Clear Counsel Law Group, our goal, and our motto when it comes to representing individuals who have had loved ones pass away, is maximize your inheritance, not your attorney's fees. That's why we charge on a flat fee basis rather than some kind of hourly basis that can get way out of control. Come talk to us about how we can maximize your inheritance and minimize your attorney's fees by charging on a flat fee basis. We'd love to talk to you about it.

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