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Estates with a few assets are not subject to the complex, expensive probate process.
In Nevada, if you the estate has less than $20,000, you do not need to go through probate. Rather, you can complete a form called an Affidavit of Entitlement that will allow you to transfer assets, such as a bank account, without court involvement. It is not necessary for a lawyer to complete this form, but we have skilled probate professionals on staff that will help with a few assets probate if you like.   You can obtain a copy of the form here.  

A Little General Information About Probate with Few Assets

Probate law is the court-supervised administration of a deceased person’s estate, including collecting and selling the deceased person’s assets, paying creditors and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets to heirs or beneficiaries. Probate law can be expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining if you have the wrong attorney representing you or if you try to do it alone. Our probate law attorneys have the experience to ensure that after-death legal issues are resolved quickly, inexpensively and correctly.  Clear Counsel Law Group has extensive experience in representing executors in administering probate estates of all sizes and varieties. Our Flat-Rate Probate  pricing guarantees a fair flat fee for all ordinary probate and trust administration services and protects your loved one’s estate and your inheritance from attorneys who charge excessive and unnecessary fees. Unfortunately, disputes may arise regarding your loved one’s estate. Someone may contest the will or believe that another person has taken advantage of your loved one. The probate law attorneys of Clear Counsel Law Group have extensive experience handing disputed probate and trust matters and guiding executors, trustees, and beneficiaries through the difficult process of handling disputes over your loved one’s estate or trust. Contact a Las Vegas probate attorney now for a free consultation to review your disputed matter and get the clear answers and advice you need.