How to Address a Debt on Hampering You That is not Listed on Your Credit Report



Hi, I'm Matt McArthur, bankruptcy attorney at Clear Counsel Law Group. I recently had a question from an individual thinking of filing for bankruptcy. It was: How can I get a debt discharged that's not appearing on my credit report? This is a very good question because the first step that we do as a bankruptcy practitioner is to run your credit report so that we have a baseline of who your creditors are, and who you owe money to, and who out there is expecting to be paid by you.

Now what you want to do is when you get that credit report you need to review it make sure that everyone you owe money to is in fact listed on the credit report. That gets us to the point where if there's somebody that you know that you owe money to that is not on the credit report, how do we get that information. It would be quite obvious who you owe the money to and how much you owe them if they're trying to collect against you. If you're getting phone calls, if you're getting bills in the mail, that is an easy way to gather this information that's not on the credit report. That information can be added manually to your bankruptcy schedules after the credit report has been run.


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If you're worried about a particular creditor that is in current contact with you either by telephone or by mail, then you want to make sure and write down the name of the creditor, write down their mailing address, write down an account number, how much is owed to that credit, and if possible, when the debt was incurred originally, and what it's related to. All that information is necessary to provide to the bankruptcy court when your bankruptcy schedules are filed.

Now, if you are unable to find contact information for your creditor on the credit report or they're currently now calling you or sending you any letters, but you remember that you owed somebody money, that's a little trickier. If you find yourself in that situation, please come and see me, bankruptcy attorney Matt McArthur at Clear Counsel Law Group, and we'll use our sophisticated methods to track down this creditor's contact information and get you on the right path to ensure that that debt is discharged as part of your bankruptcy. The last thing you want to do is to file bankruptcy and not got the benefit of the bankruptcy because you couldn't give notice to one particular creditor. Please come and see me, Matt McArthur, and I'll help you out. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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