People Are Often Very Scared after a Rollator Injury

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And being afraid is most certainly understandable.

Many of the injuries we have seen as a result from rollator defects have been fairly serious.

We take an immense amount of pride in living/working in Nevada's premiere Age-friendly community, Henderson, Nevada.

And we are here to help our neighbors.

You Are Not Alone

We have extensive experience in handling rollator injury cases.

Often these complex matters need to be expedited. Our litigation team is ready to make sure all deadlines are met and your rollator case is handled appropriately.

Our team has handled similar matters in the past, making us that much more prepared to help you today.

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Some of the Most Common Rollator Injuries Are Caused by Faulty Design

A few examples:

1. Many rollators instruct that they may be used for transport, yet these same rollators are not designed so that the passenger may travel safely. People have fallen out of their rollator in transit, suffering serious injuries.

2. We have heard accounts of the seat of the rollator giving out under the weight of an average person.

3. There are accounts of rollators being sold with non-functioning brakes, and people have been hurt trying to stop.

This is only a small collection of examples. There are many more.

As you can see, some manufacturers are not including basic features that would help keep people safe.

This is not acceptable. Don't take on these bad-faith manufacturers alone.

You need compassionate, but tough, legal assistance on your side.

How Much Does It Cost to Take My Case?

We understand in these times that many folks do not have the money available for a retainer.

That's why Clear Counsel Law Group is accepting Rollator Injury Cases on a Contingency-Fee basis.

That means no money up front from you. We get to work right away.

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