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The death of a friend or family member may leave you wondering how to settle your loved one’s personal and financial affairs and wondering whether probate is necessary. The Las Vegas probate attorneys at Clear Counsel Law Group provide a free consultation to provide clear answers to your questions quickly, inexpensively and correctly. You may not need to hire an attorney. Give us a call (702) 728-4759

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For any estate over $300,000

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For estates with a net value under $300,000

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For estates with a net value of under $100,000


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Probate law is the court-supervised administration of a deceased person’s estate, including collecting and selling the deceased person’s assets, paying creditors and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets to heirs or beneficiaries.   Probate law can be expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining if you have the wrong attorney representing you or if you try to do it alone.   Our Las Vegas, Nevada probate attorneys have the experience to ensure that after-death legal issues are resolved quickly, inexpensively and correctly. Let our experienced team protect your loved-one’s estate from creditors, taxes, disinherited parties, fraud, and expensive legal fees.

Common Probate Questions

The question that I am asked most frequently when someone has lost a loved one is whether probate is necessary. To answer this question, I find it easiest to make three columns into which we place the deceased individual’s assets: the first column is for assets that are owned by only the deceased individual with no joint owner and no one named as the beneficiary of the asset; the second column is for assets that have a joint owner or designated beneficiary; the third column is used if your loved one had a trust to identify any assets that are owned by the trust. All assets that fall in the first column generally require some form of probate proceeding. Depending on the total value of these assets, the probate process may be quick or may require more thorough probate court involvement. With very small estates, a simple affidavit may be used to transfer the assets without probate court involvement. It is important to note that even if your loved one had a trust, if he or she had any assets that fall in this first column, probate is still necessary for those assets. All other assets that fall in the second or third columns do not require any probate process before the assets can be transferred. READ MORE HERE
Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, you may need a probate attorney. Review the questions below and if the answers to them are yes, you likely need a probate attorney. Are the assets held outside of probate avoidance vehicles like trusts or life insurance? Does the size of the estate exceed the "small estate" rules? Is there family drama? Does the estate contain a business, commercial real estate, or other special asset? Does the estate lack the funds to pay its debts? Does the estate owe federal or state taxes? READ MORE HERE
You need to decide if you have the time and desire to serve as executor. Being an executor requires the time and diligence to wrap up the affairs of the deceased person. It also involves dealing with a fair amount of legal paperwork. If you do not feel that you can complete these tasks you can hire an executor support firm that will complete many of the tasks for you. If you can also petition the court to allow you to renounce your executorship.
Estates with a few assets are not subject to the complex, expensive probate process. In Nevada, if you the estate has less than $20,000, you do not need to go through probate. Rather, you can complete a form called an Affidavit of Entitlement that will allow you to transfer assets, such as a bank account, without court involvement. It is not necessary for a lawyer to complete this form, but we have skilled probate professionals on staff that will help with a few assets probate if you like. READ MORE HERE
No. The estate is the responsible party for the debts and taxes. However, it is important to consult an attorney if the estate cannot pay the debts and taxes. Certain creditors have priority over other creditors.

Flat Fee Pricing

Clear Counsel Law Group has extensive experience in representing executors in administering probate estates of all sizes and varieties. Our unique Flat-Rate Probate pricing guarantees a fair flat fee for all ordinary probate and trust administration services and protects your loved one’s estate and your inheritance from attorneys who charge excessive and unnecessary fees. Don't stress! We'll be with you every step of the way.

What about disputes?

Unfortunately, disputes may arise regarding your loved one’s estate. Someone may contest the will or believe that another person has taken advantage of your loved one.

The Las Vegas probate attorneys of Clear Counsel Law Group have extensive experience handing disputed probate and trust matters and guiding executors, trustees, and beneficiaries through the difficult process of handling disputes over your loved one’s estate or trust.

Contact a Las Vegas probate attorney now for a free consultation to review your disputed matter and get the clear answers and advice you need.

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