What do you do if mom or dad’s estate includes a mobile or manufactured home? There are a few important questions to answer which will dictate the process to follow to transfer the asset to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries.

Has the Mobile/Manufactured Home Been Converted to Real Property? Mobile home ownership information is tracked by the Nevada Department of Manufactured Housing ( – “NDH”). Title information is searchable on NDH’s website by structure serial number, owner name, or address.

After you have located the relevant mobile home on the NDH website, the entry will state whether the structure has been converted to real property. In Clark and Washoe County, the online property records will also identify whether the mobile home has been converted to real property.

If the mobile or manufactured home has been converted to real property, then you must transfer that asset through probate by way of court order or deed.

Do you have the original title? A manufactured home has a title similar to a car title. If the mobile home has not been converted to real property, then you need to locate the original title. If the original title is lost, you can request a duplicate copy from NDH. You will need a title to make the transfer pursuant to the appropriate probate proceedings as discussed more below.

What is the Value of the Mobile Home? To complete any probate proceeding, you must obtain a reasonable estimate of the total value of the assets, including the mobile home. There are various ways to price a mobile home, including appraisers, online resources, or comparable sales in the area. The value of the mobile home (and any other assets to be dealt with in the probate) will dictate the probate process required to transfer the unit. Assuming the mobile home is worth $25,000 (or $100,000 if you are a surviving spouse), and assuming it has not been converted to real property, the asset can be transferred using an Affidavit of Entitlement form that is available on the NDH website. If the value of the mobile home exceeds $25,000 then you may want to consult a probate attorney to determine the best course to transfer the asset through the appropriate court filings.

There may be other important questions to consider to accomplish the probate transfer of a mobile home, so please call for a free probate consult. Thank you.   

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